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The following terms and conditions apply to your actions when using our website. After reading through our terms and conditions, you have consented that you agree to our requirements. If you do not comply with what you’ve read, then you may not use this website or will be held accountable for non-agreement.

All users of this site must be at least 21 years old and agree to all of our terms and conditions to continue using our site. Secondly, any information that is displayed on our website is protected by copyright laws. Any users violating copyright laws will be held accountable for plagiarism and violation of copyright laws.

Users must understand that by agreeing to use our website, they will give their consent not to use real currency. They also cannot host their own games throughout the site. After getting acquainted with all terms and conditions, you will have allowed that any use of is not liable. We do not encourage real-life gambling, and no real currency is to be used while playing games online.

Content on This Website

The following states the liability and responsibilities of the content on our website. Every user accessing our site understands that we are an independent company and have no affiliation with any of the games hosted on our website. All games are embedded or hosted on our website but not owned by us.

The website does not have any endorsements or affiliations with the following companies:

  • Aristocrat Technologies
  • Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd
  • Aristocrat Leisure Industries
  • Product Madness, Inc.

By agreeing to use this website, you acknowledge that you understand that sharing links to other games or websites does not place us under any affiliations or endorsements by those specific websites. Each link to external games, reviews, or information does not imply that they have the same high liability that other games do. The services may not be the same as listed on their actual website, and they are not endorsed by us either. We do not supply any of these services or affiliations with other companies or their games, as we are only hosting.

When a user links to an embedded game, they are not endorsed or have received approval from our website. Our website does not bear any legal responsibility for any content that has been linked or embedded. We also don’t allow users to advertise through third parties, as we do not have any connection to these advertisements.

Our website bears no responsibility for accuracy, legality, or issues with advertising partners. If a user experiences real financial loss, we do not in any way incur any liability as we do not condone gambling with real money. It’s illegal to play any games on our website for real money or even using credit for other games or services. We do not encourage real money gambling or endorse online casinos in any form or way.

Our website is also not aimed at any specific nation, region, or country. All of the content found on our website is considered the property of us and can’t be used on any other website without written consent. This includes composition images, game order, categorization, codes, or anything else that has been developed by our company. Any user who violates these terms and conditions will acknowledge that they are violating plagiarism laws and will be pursued legally for copyright laws.

Acceptable Use

The following highlights the acceptable use of our website and how users must not do any of the following.

Users are not allowed to cause damage through our site by either impairment, performance, viability, or accessibility. All users must not create any unlawful, illegal, or fraudulent behavior that could damage the website. No one will be allowed to copy, host, transmit, distribute, publish, or host any material that has already been linked to our site.

If found distributing anything, users will find themselves in violation of copyright laws and will be held accountable legally. Any users, observed to implement viruses, Trojan courses, keystroke loggers, worms, rooted, or any malicious computer software, will be pursued legally for damages.

We do not condone any use of our website for commercial purposes, duplication, or copied content from other websites. Any unauthorized distribution of our services will be legally pursued and held responsible for financial compensation. Additionally, the immediate destruction of any known copies will be requested. This includes:

  • Selling, assigning, licensing, distribution, copy, modifications; to perform, transmit, display, publishing, edit adaptations, deviated works, or otherwise without written consent from our team.
  • This also includes decompiling, reengineering, disassembly of our website in any form or way.
  • If one is found removing patents, altering, removing copyright, trademarks, etc.
  • Also, it is not allowed to print, copy, download, or use any site material in any form or way.

Limited Warranties

Our company does not represent any of the material found on our website or in our services. This includes the accuracy of the information published or any content that is not up to date or the most recent version.

We reserve the right to change, alter, and discontinue the use of the website as needed. This includes all services, updates, etc. that can happen at any time without prior notice. As long as it is at the company’s sole discretion, it is valid. All users will not be entitled to any losses, including payments, alterations, or refunds of services.

Limitations and Exclusions of Liability

The website does not charge anything for content, services, or information published. We are not liable for any loss, damages, etc. Any financial loss from the site will not be refunded. We are not responsible for any business losses, damages, or changes in profits. This includes changes in revenue, productions, savings, and contracts.

We are also not liable for any loss or corruption of data, database software, or codes. Any special, indirect, or consequential losses or damages are not our responsibility.

By using this website, you agree that we have limited liability for any of our workers, including officers, directors, and employees. You acknowledge that you cannot claim any liability of our officers, directors, or employees if you or your company suffers any losses associated with our website.

Your Obligations as a User

Our website requires that you are at least 21 years old and understand that it’s your own sole responsibility to follow our terms and conditions. Any laws that are breached through third party games, linked and embedded in our site, also apply.

Access to our site requires that you acknowledge that our website is only used for embedded or linked hosted third-party games. We, in no manner, own any of the content and are not responsible for any legal issues arising from these external games. We have no financial responsibility or liability as the games are only externally hosted.

All the games on our website are for personal use and non-professional entertainment only. We don’t provide any currency or real money for online gambling, host games, or anything else. Any person that chooses to participate in online betting will conflict with our terms and conditions and will find themselves liable.

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