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The first-ever slot machine was developed in 1894. Ever since then slots have become, without a doubt, the most played games in the world of online casinos. Most players tend to gravitate towards such games for a variety of reasons.

Many people believe that if there is no money involved, then the game is not exciting enough. But the truth remains far from it. Free online slots are no different from paid ones. The only difference is that instead of you depositing any money, the casino provides credits for you to play with. This allows you to make bets the same way and get the same heart-pumping action that has made free slots a popular feature in casinos. There is no registration or download necessary for you to play free slot games.

It is much more convenient to play these games and test them if you are not sure of their gameplay. This additionally allows you to have a go at some new demo versions of yet unknown slot machines. The most experienced casino customers will first turn to play on free slot machines before depositing any sum of money to understand how the developer product functions. So, without further ado, let’s get to the different features of free slot games.

What Are Free Online Slots?

What Are Free Online Slots?

If you have been playing casino games for a while, you may already know that such games are a recent occurrence. Before, if you wanted to play slots for free, you had to buy your own slot machine and play at home. But thanks to the Internet, things have changed drastically.

Now, you can play for free on casino websites without having to bet or deposit any real money. These free slot machines are similar to those that you would find in a land-based casino and can be accessed through either a demo version or a casino that allows you to play on free of cost games. But why would anyone want to play them? To answer this question, we have to dig a little deeper into the world of free casino slots.

Why Play Free Slot Games?

All gamblers intimately know the thrill and excitement of winning a game in which the odds are stacked against them. When they do win, it is more than just pure luck or fate. But this same chance can quickly flip on its head and cause you to lose large amounts if you are playing with real money. That is why people who are looking to get the feel of free slot machine games should try their hands on free ones first. Let us take a look at all the benefits of free slots machines to play for fun.

1. Make Your Own Decision

The number one benefit of playing such games is that it allows you to judge for yourself if the game that you’re playing is fun to play or is it just marketing hype. When you’re playing slots for free, ask yourself a few questions, such as: “What’s the RTP of the game?”, “Are there any jackpots up for the taking?”, “Is there a bonus round?”

2. Keep You up to Date

Another benefit of playing free casino games is familiarizing yourself with the latest games in the market before you start playing with real money. Nowadays, these casino games are not merely 3-reel fruit games. You have to consider multiple wild and scatter symbols, as well as bonus rounds that add an altogether different dimension to the game.

3. Let You Enjoy

Another reason why people are so attracted to free games is that it allows them to unwind and relax and not always be on the hunt for the next jackpot. The machine games developed nowadays are so realistic that you will be in awe of their beautiful graphics and remain fully in their slavery for as long as you play.

Sheep from Free Slot Games

4. Does Playing Free Slots Help Beat the House?

Playing free slots games is ultimately a game of chance alone. However, if you can spend enough time on them, you may get a good idea of studying your odds. There is always a possibility that there are some loopholes that you can mine and get winning big instantly. But this usually tends to happen on free ones that do not have progressive jackpots.

The total number of combinations of all the icons on all the reels is legion. Only if you are acutely aware of the free of cost options and study the game in detail, you will be able to find if the random number generator of the machine is rigged.

However, if you do not have the time, resources, or the patience to go in-depth, it is advised that you stick with trying to get a bonus. There are many slot machines to play for free that have multiple reels and award big bonuses. Upon registration, an excellent first deposit can help you get high free spin bonuses.

Of course, you can increase your play-time by using your winnings from other games or by getting a referral from a friend. Nowadays, free slots are done by keeping the psychology of the player in mind. This is why the reels tend to behave as if you have hit the jackpot. In any case, if you are decently familiar with games that don’t have as many reels and are only mildly popular, you do have the chance of accurately predicting the outcomes.

Which Real Money Slots Can You Play for Free?

There is a huge collection of real money slots that you can play for free. On most casinos, there is an option of choosing to play free slots without any deposit. Sometimes, as a welcome bonus, a casino will offer you a few free spins that you can avail of either with or without a code, depending on the casino that you’re on.

It is always better to play on slots for free that boast of a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage. You need to ensure you know about these before you start spinning. For that reason, we have created a list of all the real money slots online that offer high RTPs on which you can play free of cost.

  • Where’s the Gold: Based on the California Gold Rush, this free game is about miners looking desperately for only one thing – their precious gold! With multiple wild and scatter symbols, five reels, and 25 pay-lines, players can expect to win huge amounts of cash and be one of the lucky miners to strike gold. The RTP of this game is almost 95%, so you don’t have to worry about your luck bailing you out.
  • Devil’s Delight: The game has a staggering RTP of 97.6%. This slot machine has five reels and 20 pay-lines that are enough to sate all your gambling cravings. With a jackpot of $5000, all you have to do is to ensure you have enough free spins in your casino account at any given time. Get a referral, a bonus, or wait for a promotion to get your free spins.
  • Queen of the Nile: What can we say about this game that hasn’t been said before? Based on the Egyptian theme, it has a jackpot of $18000 for starters. There are five reels and more than 50 pay-lines which makes this game’s RTP of 96% one of the best in the business. Players can also play slots free of cost.
  • Himalayas – Roof of the World: This hugely popular real cash game can be played for free as well. If you’re longing to play free slot machines that offer ultra-high RTP percentage of 97.75, this has to be one game that should be on top of your list, even though we have decided to keep the best for last. With five reels and a whopping 100 pay-lines, you can never make a wrong move on this slot.

How Can I Play Free Demo Games?

This is a no-brainer. Playing free demo games is super easy. You can start without having to download or register. On your desktop, you can navigate to the casinos that offer free play slots as demos and with a few clicks start spinning to your heart’s content. All the games are similar to a land-based casino one except there is no cash involved. Instead, in these demo games, you get credits and bonuses.

These free slots are all instant play games and can be played just as well on your mobile phones as on tablets and desktops. You may be required to have either a flash plug-in or a browser with HTML 5. If your game is not loading or is experiencing some other trouble, more often than not, it is due to the unavailability of a plug-in. Fret not, as these can be downloaded for free and installed within a couple of minutes.

There are certain occasions on which the demo games may not work at all. This could be due to an ongoing update or an overloaded server. Refresh the free games after a while and check if they are available to play.

Types of Slot Games

Types of Slot Games

The unique thing about slot machines free games is that since they are based on computer programs, these can be designed and modified in multiple ways, which create different gameplays that people can enjoy. In the following list, we mention the most popular types of free slots in the market.

  • 3-Reel: This is a classic slot game type that is taken from the original land-based games. These are the easiest to play. All you need to do is to match the symbols on the three reels to win.
  • 5-Reel: A 5-reel slot is a step above the classic 3-reel one. This has been possible thanks to advanced computer programming which has made the games much more attractive and exciting to play. With two extra reels, the chances of winning increase dramatically.
  • Progressive: A progressive type lures all the slot enthusiasts to itself, mainly due to its large winnings. However, the odds of winning on progressive ones are quite low. The value of the jackpot increases incrementally every time it is played on. The amount piles up and ends up rewarding one lucky gambler.
  • Mega Spin: Who doesn’t want to play multiple free slot games with a bonus at the same time? After all, the more you play, the higher your chances of winning are going to be. Mega Spin choices do precisely that, and these are often linked to progressive jackpots as well.
  • Multipliers: You must have come across this type of game at least once in your gambling life. Because they allow you to multiply your winnings by a number, multiplier slots have become massively popular in online casinos. Players have the chance to increase their winnings two, three, ten, or even a hundred times. No wonder everyone loves multipliers.
  • Multiple Pay-line: As the name suggests, these have multiple pay-lines as opposed to the classic free slots that only have one. These free of cost machines can provide you with three, four, five, ten, or sometimes even a 100 pay-lines. These slots usually tend to have a very high RTP too.

Play Online Free Slots from Any Device You Like

classic slot machines

Wondering where you can play free games? The simple answer is – anywhere you like. Thanks to the unprecedented advancement in technology, online casinos are not played exclusively on Windows PC anymore. These games are available for Mac and Linux users as well.

If you want to take your casino games with you, there is always the option of playing on your mobile phone or tablets. Regardless of which type of mobile you own – Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows – you can play free of cost on all of them. The latest updates also allow you to play on your interactive or smart TV. However, this is not the case with all free casino slots and will depend on the game that you want to play.

As mentioned earlier, most of these games are instant play, which means there is no need for you to download them. Even if you have an old phone, they are guaranteed to run smoothly as they do not require the latest hardware and can be accessed by anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have taken a look at the different aspects of free titles, it is time to address some basic questions that are raised by casino players. Here we try to answer in simple terms, to the best of our abilities, all the common queries that have been made so far.

What Is a Free Slot Play?

In a nutshell, slots that can be played on without the need to deposit any money are free slots. These can be availed through bonuses on your first deposits, through a friend referral, or only as a promotional bonus given by the casino. If you want to play without a deposit, demo versions are available as well that allow you to take a good look at the game, gather credits, and get a feel for the game before you start playing with real money.

How Can I Win at Slot Machines?

Most titles require you to make a minimum deposit, spin, and if the symbols on the reel align, you win. There are a few additional details that you need to keep in mind, such as wild symbols, scatters, and multipliers that can greatly boost your winnings. Bonus rounds are also available that can offer you extra spins on free of cost slot machines.

As mentioned earlier, you should play free slot machines which have high RTPs. This will ensure that you keep winning decent amounts now and then and don’t lose all of your money. Choose wisely from the slots online and play enough to know what makes them tick. Sometimes, if you are aware, you can even find out if the title is slacking on its random number generator. However, this is easier said than done and may require hours of dedicated play, study, and a lot of resources.

Can You Win Money Playing Online Slots?

winning the jackpot on slots

In a word – definitely! All casinos allow you to deposit a minimum amount and start spinning on a host of free slots. By taking advantage of a decent welcome bonus, you can get a lot of free spins that you can try to win with. Do remember to check the RTP and the jackpot size before you start playing.

When you get free spins as a bonus, always make sure that you check out the wagering requirements that need to be met before you can withdraw any of your winnings. Be on the lookout for a casino that offers low wagering and the opportunity to withdraw vast amounts of cash. You never know when you end up hitting a jackpot that can turn your fortunes around.

What Is the Best Free Slots Casino App?

With scores of free slots casino apps available in the market, it can be hard choosing the best amongst them. That is why we have listed four casino apps that are, in our opinion, the best apps on which you can play free slot machine games for fun.

  • Winning Slots: As a free to play app, Winning Slots gives you 100,000,000 coins instantly. This Vegas-styled slot machine app offers some of the best free titles that are sure to get you hooked in no time.
  • Heart of Vegas: As the name suggests, this app is home to the best free slots that are designed after the land-based Vegas titles. Most of the games developed by Aristocrat are available here. With lightning-fast jackpots and a Hold and Spin feature, this app is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Tycoon Casino: Similar to our first entry, this casino app also offers users 100,000,000 coins at the start. You can choose from the most exhilarating and gorgeous free slots machines to play for fun. A gift will be given to you after every four hours of spinning.
  • Where’s the Gold Slot App: This is another free slots app that has become hugely popular in the past few years. This app is among the best slot app that is based on Aristocrat’s technology and is home to quite many free online casino slots. This app is known for gold-themed games that have become noteworthy thanks to the stunning graphics and unique sound effects.

What Is the Easiest Game to Win at a Casino?

 easy slot game with Jinny

It may come as a shock, but free slot casino games are not the most accessible games to win at a casino. That is because they have a huge house edge. House edge is determined by the ratio of the average loss to the initial bet amount a player makes. In this way, Blackjack is the most accessible game to win since, in the long run, the house bet is minimized to just 0.5%. That means for every $10 that you bet you lose only 5 cents.

This makes Blackjack one of the most played games at a casino since players get one of the strongest odds of winning. Additionally, in Blackjack, you are only playing against the dealer and not against other expert gamblers who might be able to take the game away from you.

Can You Win Money on House of Fun?

House of Fun is a video slot with terrifying symbols of rusted doors, sorcerers, and evil cats. The minimum amount you need is 2 cents, and the maximum is one dollar for this game. Once you have adjusted your bet per line, hit the spin and avail great rewards. Although there is no progressive jackpot, you can make use of scatter symbols and end up winning $150 more than your wager.

There are five reels and 30 pay-lines that are sure to get you spinning and winning in no time. The RTP of the slot is relatively high at 95%, which means you don’t have to worry about draining your account to win. Additionally, players who want to play for fun can make use of the free slots feature and try it out without depositing a single cent.

Every time a game is played, regardless of whether real money is used or not, its popularity increases. It would be a mistake to assume that professional gamblers do not play free slot games. To understand the machine better, you need to give it enough game time to get the hang of it. Later on, once you have understood the finer nuances of the machine that you are playing on, you can deposit and play with real money.

Every modern-day casino machine contains a variety of extra features that set it apart from the classic 3-reel slots. Without knowing how all these features add up to benefit you, you may never be able to play and win to the best of your ability. That is why we urge players to give free slots a shot, especially those with a high RTP and multiple pay-lines.

Furthermore, do not forget to make full use of scatter symbols and bonus rounds as they will provide you with extra spins. This will ultimately keep you playing and learning until you feel confident enough to play with real money and win the next top jackpot.

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